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Entry #1

Newgrounds Goals

7/1/09 by musicdemon
Updated 7/1/09

This was received with a lot of pessimism in the forums, but I'm going to post it here anyway. I don't really care what you guys think about it, since they're my goals. However, please comment if you have any goals you feel should be on the list!

Here's my personal list of goals to attain for an uploaded game/movie on Newgrounds (in order of importance):

[ ] Best of All-Time
[ ] Best Game of All-Time
[ ] Weekly User's Choice
[ ] Top 50 All-Time
[ ] Review Crew Pick
[ ] Top 4 in Genre on /game
[ ] Game of the Week
[ ] Top 3 Games of the Week
[ ] Weekly Top 5
[ ] Daily Feature
[ ] Top 15 of the week
[ ] Today's Best
[ ] Weekly Top 5 on /game
[ ] Hot Off the Front Page on /game
[ ] Best of 50 most Recent
[ ] Over 4.0 average rating
[ ] Awesome Score (3.5+ rating)
[ ] Great Score (3.0+ rating)


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good luck.

7/1/09 musicdemon responds:

Thanks :) I know some of these are near impossible, but I believe it's good to shoot high, anyway.